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  1. Increase women’s participation and active role as contributors and beneficiaries of national development. 
  2. Maintaining the rights of women’s interests and gender equality fairly.
  3. Expanding fair opportunities for women and communities in the social, economic and political fields.


  1. Implementing activities to increase gender awareness among the community through programs and initiatives held in line with the National Women’s Policy along with Single Mothers Empowerment Action Plan
  2. Prepare department’s strategic plans including implementation strategies and relevant action plans in line with the National Women’s Policy as well as the Ministry’s Action Plan.
  3. Coordinate, Implement and Monitor Single Mothers Empowerment Action Plan 2015-2020.
  4. Supervise matters relating to the affairs of parliamentary department.
  5. Managing the Advisory Council and Women Consultants as the think tank of the ministry.
  6. Coordinate inputs relating to international women issues for CEDAW, ACW, CSW, and ACWC.


  1. WOMEN’S DAY execution plans
    • International Women’s Day
    • National Women’s Day
    • Women’s Summit
  2. Implementation of Economic Empowerment Program – Development of Women Entrepreneurs Initiative (DeWI).
  3. Managing Women and Family Development Council (MPWK) and MPWK Convention.
  4. Managing the Advisory and Women Consultant Council (MPPW).
  5. Coordinate the Single Mother Empowerment Action Plan 2015-2020.
  6. Conduct Roundtable Discussions Mainstreaming on Gender.
  7. Managing the parliamentary department

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