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  1. Assisting client/target groups to identify their capabilities, interest, self-potential, and self-esteem.
  2. Assisting client/target groups to explore, analyse, and develop better understanding of themself.
  3. Assisting client/ target groups to nurture, expand, and empower positive self-empowerment.
  4. Aiding to improve client/ target groups’ behaviour, cognition and emotions.


  1. Provide guidance and counselling services (individual or grouping) towards department’s target groups.
  2. Provide crisis / trauma counselling services to the victims, particularly women in cases such as torture, domestic violence, sexual harassment, ‘drug mule’, rape, molestation, incest, human trafficking and etc
  3. Provide psychological tests such as motivation and self-confidence tests towards department’s target group
  4. Provide a holistic women’s development service through psychological approaches and empowering women’s development towards a more positive direction with updated psychological initiatives and programs.


  1. Literacy in Legal Seminar (LUU)
    • The Literacy in Legal Module is emphasizing on civil and shariah marriage aspect
  2. Wanita Anti Jenayah (WAJA)
    • WAJA is focusing on domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, molestation, drug mule, cybercrime, human trafficking, and migrant smuggling aspects.
  3. Emotion (Bridge to a better life)
    • This module uses counselling approaches aiming to give exposure on humanistic approaches, basic counseling knowledge, family management psychology, and effective emotional management such as anger, stress, and anxiety.
  4. Mind Transformation Program (U-BOLEH)
    • This program focusing on giving guidance, motivation, psychological strength and counseling approaches to ensure the participant instill an entrepreunerial thinking. Entrepreneur features are such as having tacit knowledge in entrepreneurial field, motivated, creative, innovative, able to face upcoming challenges, mastering networking skills and etc
  5. Women’s Shelter Development Program
    • This program aims on up skill the knowledge of residents in the women’s shelter homes in various aspect by enabling them to apply that knowledge once they have integrated back into society
  6. Campaign and Celebration to Stop Violence Against Woman
    • This campaign focuses on creating awareness in the community to protect women from being abused and to stop violence against women.

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