1.What are the Capacity Development Programme conducted by the Department of Women Development (DWD)?

1. DWD carry out programmes / activities to increase awareness and understanding on capacity building for women through Forums, Seminars, Dialogues and Workshops;

2. Expand capacity advancement programme for women in institute of higher learning and women in rural areas, Orang Asli Villages, estates and Chinese new villages;

3. Provide Treasury’s Special Assistance Grants to assist NGOs to implement various programmes / activities that support capacity building for women;

4. Disseminate information extensively through print and electronic media to raise awareness about violence against women and legal literacy;

5. Organise International Women’s Day Programme on 8th March every year;

6. Organise National Women’s Day Programme on 25th August every year;

7. Organise the International Day to Address Violence against Women Programme on 25th November every year; and

8. Increase number of programmes / activities that are organised in collaboration with strategic partners or NGOs down at the grassroots level.

2.What are the Programmes conducted by the Department of Women Development (DWD)?

1. Provide courses and skills training for women via I-Kit and I-Keunita Programme and other programmes that are conducted for them to begin small scale business activity and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level; organize Meet the Clients Day to reach out to women in rural areas, aborigin’s settlements, estates and the Chinese new villages;

2. Expand the training methods and introduce more comprehensive skills to add value to the basic programmes such as I-KIT and I-Keunita;

3. Provide advisory services and financial assistance to women who have the potential to become small-scale entrepreneurs;

4. Conduct Entrepreneurial Mind set Shift Programme: “U-Boleh”;

5. Hold Dialogue Sessions on Empowering Single Mothers;

6. Organise Upskilling and Reskilling Programmes; and

7. Expand the network of strategic partnerships with government agencies, NGOs and private sectors.

3.What are the Strategies of the Department of Women Development?

1. Provide a support system in the form of skills training for women through Economic Development programmes such as the Single Mother Skills Incubator (I-KIT) and Women Entrepreneurship Incubator (I-Keunita); and

2. To encourage more women to become entrepreneurs in line with the objectives of the National Key Result Areas (NKRA); and

3. Expanding community outreach programmes to attract more women in rural areas, aboriginal settlements, estates and Chinese community new villages to participate.