1. To ensure the division’s operation management is carried out efficiently and in orderly manner
  2. To ensure division comply with financial, administration, asset management, vehicle management and store management procedures
  3. No / Less audit findings
  4. Division is being recognized and awarded in terms of management



  1. Division’s account and financial management
  2. Divisions’ asset, store, and vehicle management
  3. Filing and documentation management
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Division’s procurement management
  6. Development management for Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita
  7. Division’s ICT management
  8. Division’s media and communication management



  1. Managing and settling the bills/invoices/ purchase order payment
  2. Managing matters related with procurement, tender, and quotation
  3. Managing division’s store
  4. Managing matters related to registration, movement, disposal, loss, and write-off assets
  5. Managing division’s periodic meeting (JKPA, JKPAK and Management Meeting)
  6. Provide feedback on Ministry’s periodic meeting
  7. Managing matters related to division’s vehicle management
  8. Managing matters related to division’s filing and documentation
  9. Managing matters related to division’s ICT and ICT assets
  10. Managing issues related to division’s exhibition
  11. Managing issues related to EKSA, MS ISO Quality
  12. Managing the preparation and implementation of division’s continuity plan

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